Homaka LPG/CNG Generator Dual Carburettor

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This carburettor allows you to use LPG, CNG  Whichever you find handy. 2.Lesser noise with zero smoking3..LPG is a clean gas you won’t need to change your generator’s oil for at least 4months of operation.4.There won’t be any carbon dust on your piston or engine plug.5.It is cost-effective; 6kg will provide you with 36 hours of electricity or more6.There is no CO2 emission, to prevent the worst effects of climate change, the world needs to reduce CO2 emissions.CO2 harms our health & the environment.7.We use gas for open flame cooking & its considered safe, gen has no open flame so safety is guaranteed.8.If there’s gas leakage gen shutdown immediately and will not start until the leakage is fixed. 9.Can work for 2.5kva generator and above

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Homaka LPG/CNG Generator Dual Carburettor
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