Polystar Ceiling Fan – Pv-56wc

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Wobbling reduction mechanism

Wobbling reduction mechanism can reduce wobbing between bolt, motor shaft and pipe. it can minimize wearing of the parts to prevent falling of fan.


Safety wire


Safety wire is adopted to secure the fan motor with the ceiling hook that prevents falling of the motor when detaching of the fan moto from the pipe rod occurs.


Advanced blade design


To optimize airflow performance of the ventilating fan, the new blade design applies advanced aerodynamic principle that minimizes any obstacle against the airflow. Air volume is maintained while rotation speed can be reduced, resulting lower noise level and power consumption.



3D Circulation Airflow


3D circulation airflow is divided into two modes, including Front Airflow and Upwards Airflow. Usually, various types of dirts appear at different position between the ceiling and the floor in the room, and they can be purified by different modes of 3D airflow respectively. Front Airflow mode cleans up house dust spreading within 30cm above the floor, while Upwards airflow removes odor floating in the air.


Cut-off safety switch


Cut-off safety switch is equipped to cut off power supply while dangerous wear and tear of the shaft or bolt are detected.



Double chamber


Distinctive structure of “Double Chamber” minimizes the transmission of noise from fan and motor to exterior. This technology further reduces the operation noise to incredibly low level below 30dB(A) by “Resonance-Noise-Absorption” operation, which creates a tranquility and silent environment

Compact size regulator series
3 – blade design
Prevention of product falling off
Compact size of regulator
56 inches(1, 400mm) blade span

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Polystar Ceiling Fan – Pv-56wc
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